Sweet Chops bow (wows) to doggie demands

Dogs and their best human friends are convinced popular pooch gourmet site Sweet Chops is barking up the RIGHT tree with its soon-to-be launched range of delicious home made doggie treats.

Melting Mutt Moments and Lolli-Pups from the Sweet Chops Barkery are just some of the baked delights guaranteed to get tails wagging when new owner Cindy Hodson takes over on March 15.

The Queensland-based dog lover and seamstress is already the owner of successful Rocstar Dog Boutique. The business has been delighting four-legged friends and their owners for the past four years with its range of fun and practical handmade designer doggie hoodies, jumpers and jackets – as well as tuxedos, funky collars and other must-have accessories.

Cindy said: “I’m really excited about offering this extended range of baked goodies at Sweet Chops. The business sold similar gourmet treats in the past but hasn’t for a couple of years now so it feels great to revive the bakery side and add in a few ideas of my own too. All the baked goods will be made from quality ingredients such as gluten free flour, carob, honey and yoghurt.

“Sweet chops has always had a policy of no preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings in the baked goods and I have no intention of changing that – quite the opposite in fact.”

In addition, Sweet Chops will continue to sell the much-loved Dog Cookie and Dog Cupcake kits so that devoted animal lovers can serve up treats to man’s best friend which they have produced themselves in their own home. There are also plans for a four-legged birthday range in the near future.

Cindy currently has her dog Ralph who – to the envy of his canine pals – will be the official taste tester for her new business.

The success of her current business Rocstar Dog Boutique proved there was definitely a market for owners who cared enough for their pooches to clothe them in designer outfits, pretty collars and generally make a fuss of them.

Her business grew almost unintentionally as she began to get inundated for orders for her range of doggie wear.

“It was incredible,” she said. “I was getting in orders nearly every day. The more dog clothing I produced the faster the orders came in. It showed me that dog owners really were a generous and caring lot who only wanted the best for their animals.”

Cindy’s hunch it seems, could not be more correct. A study by a world-wide pet food supplier last year showed one in 20 Australians had set up a Facebook page for their dog, 50 per cent of owners allowed him or her to sleep on their bed and 83 per cent of Australians made a fuss of their dog’s birthday. Around 16 per cent of owners regularly sent their pooch off to be pampered. Meanwhile pet weddings and pet hotels continue to grow in popularity world-wide.

For more news of doggie treats about to be unveiled later this month, or to place an order, see sweetchops.com.au